Make money by playing games
PlayMining platform contents 2nd
PlayMining platform
contents 2nd

PlayMining Puzzle

How to Play

The rules are simple and you can play quickly in a short time!
It looks simple, but it is a highly strategic game that
can get you stuck if you do not think carefully.

  • Tap the blocks of the same
    colour to make them

  • Clear the round by dropping
    the DEAPcoin symbol mark to
    the bottom row!

  • Let’s make full use of
    special moves and aim
    for a high score!

Play games and make money!

Collect “KESO” points that you can get in the game, and get the crypto asset DEAPcoin (DEP)!

  • Clear the stage and get the
    in-game points “KESO”!

  • Accumulate “KESO” and place
    in the weekly ranking, and
    equally divide the large
    amount of DEP!

※To obtain DEAPcoin (DEP), you
need to register your PlayMining ID
and create a Wallet.

Obtain NFT and summon an
occupation god, “Job Lord”!

Strengthen your deck with the card (NFT) you got from
the PlayMining NFT! Unused NFT can be sold
at the PlayMining NFT!

  • Use the card (NFT)
    you got at PlayMining NFT
    to activate your
    special move!

  • If you put NFT in multiple
    decks, you can get more
    “KESO” when you clear
    the stage!

  • The NFT you get can
    be used in other games
    such as “JobTribes”!

Get a card at the PlayMining NFT

Master the five special moves and lead
the battle situation to your advantage!

  • Red special move

    Destroy one specified block

  • Blue special move

    Destroy the specified horizontal
    row of blocks

  • Yellow special move

    Change one specified block
    to another

  • Green special move

    Destroy the specified block
    and 8 blocks around it

  • White special move

    Destroy the specified vertical
    row of blocks